Annexation in Mt. Crested Butte

Town of Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado Resolution No. 1, Series 1995
A resolution adopting requirements for petitions for annexation to the town of Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado; setting forth the standards for acceptance of such petitions and requirements for status of property prior to annexation.


Section 1. Annexation. Annexation to the Town shall be in accordance with Title 31, Article 12, Colorado Revised Statutes, and the terms and conditions of this resolution.

Section 2. Petitions.  Petitions seeking annexation of land to the Town shall comply in all respects with the requirements and laws of the State of Colorado. In addition they shall be accompanied by the following:
A.  Fees
Each petition for annexation shall be submitted with a non-refundable petition for annexation fee of $1,000.00 plus the sum of $100.00 for each acre of land sought to be annexed.  The applicant shall also be responsible for all the costs of publications and recording fees. If the Town Council feels that land of interest can be dedicated to the Town in lieu of payment the Town will accept it.  If such transaction is sought the dedication of land will be dealt with in the annexation agreement.
B.  Land Use Plan
This plan shall contain a site plan, existing and proposed roads, drainage basins, and irrigation ditches, the proposed land use, including specific densities of development, and a zoning plan for the property complying with the Master Plan of the Town of Mt. Crested Butte.
C. Extension of Municipal Services
Each petition for annexation shall be accompanied by evidence that all municipal services are capable of being extended to the area sought to be annexed without cost to the Town, or a plan for extension of necessary municipal services to the area to be annexed at no cost toe the Town.
D. Water and Sewer Service
Each petition for annexation by proof that the area to be annexed is within the Mt. Crested Butte Water and Sanitation District and that the District has sufficient water and ability to dispose of sewage for the proposed annexation.  If the area to be annexed is not within the district then the applicant needs to provide a plan to deal with water and sewage that complies with state and federal laws.
E.  Fire Protection
The petition for annexation shall be accompanied by proof That the area proposed to be annexed is within the Crested Butte Fire Protection District.
F.  Proof of Ownership
Each petition for annexation shall be accompanied by proof of ownership by either an attorney who is licensed to practice in the state of Colorado or a title insurance company within the state of Colorado.

Section 3. Annexation Agreement.  Within two weeks of the adoption of a resolution finding substantial compliance of the annexation petition with the requirements of the State Statutes and the terms of this resolution, there shall be submitted to the Town a proposed annexation agreement to be binding upon the petitioner, his successors and assigns, and committing the undeveloped or unsubdivided property described in the petition to future development in strict accordance with the Land Use Plan which accompanies the petition, or committing previously subdivided land to compliance with the Town’s development standards.

Section 4. Eligibility for Annexation.  In addition to the findings of fact required by State Law, in order for property to be eligible for annexation to the Town by petition, the Town Council must determine that the Land Use Plan of the property to be annexed is in full compliance with the Mt. Crested Butte Master Plan; and

  1. There exists an economic need of the Town for additional subdivided and developable or developed lands within the Town boundaries; or

  2. The Proposed annexation will provide the Town with amenities of facilities which are desired by the Town, and which the Town determines justifies the annexation of the property.

Section 5. Final Action on Annexation of Undeveloped or Unsubdivided Land.  Prior to drafting an ordinance annexing any land into the Town, the final form of an Annexation Agreement binding the property to future development in accordance with the Land Use Plan shall be agreed upon by the petitioner and the Town. With an ordinance annexing the property into the Town, the Town Council shall adopt an ordinance designating the zoning classification of the property being annexed, confirming the approved Land Use Plan for such property, in accordance with chapter 21 of the Code of the Town of Mt. Crested Butte.

Section 6. Final Action on Annexation of Previously Subdivided Land.  If previously subdivided land is going to be annexed into the Town all amenities existing need to be to the Town’s standards.  (Please consult original resolution if petitioner is in the definition of Section 6 of Resolution No. 1 Series 1995.)

Section 7. Expiration.  All provisions of this resolution must be fulfilled by or before twelve (12) months from the date of acceptance of a petition for annexation.

Section 8. Prior Resolutions.  The provisions of this resolution shall supersede any prior annexation resolution or guidelines previously adopted by the Town of Mt. Crested, Colorado.

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