Mt. Crested Butte Weed Advisory Board

In accordance with the Colorado "Noxious Weed Act", Title 35, Article 5.5 and toward it's devoted efforts to manage or eradicate the spread of noxious weeds in the town of Mt. Crested Butte, Town Council has formed the Mt. Crested Butte Weed Advisory Board.

This board is comprised of town staff members and private citizens.

The purpose of forming the Weed Advisory Board is:
  • To increase the resource level that can be devoted to controlling the noxious weed infestation within the town limits.
  • To gather and disseminate weed management information to private property owners so that they may develop a weed management or eradication plan for their property according to Colorado Satute.
  • Monitor and report on the weed infestion situation on both public and private property in order to expedite effective management plans.

The Weed Management Board has been specifically tasked to implement the following:

  • Develop a locally-pertinent noxious weed list
  • Provide information to the property owners of Mt. Crested  Butte to assist them in identifying and managing noxious weeds on their property.
  • Provdie assistance, in the way of information, to property owners on how to develop a management plan for their property.
  • Monitor weeds levels on private and public property and notify owners who are not in compliance with the Colorado Noxious Weed Act.
  • Develop a management plan to eliminate future re-infestations within town limits and surrounding wild lands.
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