Current Planning Project Summary

The Mt. Crested Butte Land Use Code is in the process of being updated and modified to be more consistent with the way that the community has been developing. The project began summer of 2007, following the adoption of the Mt. Crested Butte Community Plan. Numerous work sessions have been held with the Planning Commission for direction and clarification.

Many sections of the code have not been changed since they were adopted in 1974. The amendments to the code will ensure consistency between Articles, and will make it easier for residents and developers to know what process is appropriate for the project they plan to take on. One of the significant changes being considered by The Commission is allowing design review approval for single-family residences to occur at the staff level. This should help expedite projects through the land use process.

The Planning Commission has worked out a draft code. When the Town Attorney has reviewed the document, it will then be scheduled for a public hearing. A recommendation on the proposed amendments will be made by the Planning Commission, which will then be forwarded to the Town Council for adoption.

For further information, contact Carlos Velado at 970-349-6632.

Hillside Subdivision and PUD Rezoning

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