Prospect Homestead Project

In addition to inclusionary zoning and employee housing regulated projects, another unique project to Mt. Crested Butte is the Prospect Homestead Community Housing Project. Located at the entrance of Prospect subdivision (northeast of Mt. Crested Butte), there will be a total of thirty-seven (37) units to be built with an option to build an additional three above a possible fire station, which will eventually be built by the Crested Butte Fire Protection District.

The Town is responsible for sixteen (16) affordable housing units and Crested Butte Mountain Resort will be responsible for the an additional twenty-one (21) units. The units will primarily be for CMBR and Town employees, and will be filled by other eligible individuals if necessary. In sharing the site with CBMR, together it will create a more cohesive project, planned to be completed within the next four to five years.

Priority for the units are as follows:
  1. Employees of the Town of Mt. Crested Butte

  2. Individuals who live or work in Mt. Crested Butte

  3. Individuals who live north of Jack's Cabin

For more information on this unique project, contact the Community Development Department.
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