Short Term Renting in Mt. Crested Butte



 What do I need to do to short term rent my property in Mt. Crested Butte.

  1. If you are have a homeowners association or a condominium association double check your rules and regulations and bylaws to make sure it is allowed.
  2. Obtain a Mt. Crested Butte Business and Occupational License if you are renting on your own or through a Property Management Company
  3. If you decide to hire a local property management company then you are done.  If you are going to do this on your own go to step 4.
  4. Obtain a Mt. Crested Butte Sales Tax License.
    1. If you are only going to advertise your property on Airbnb then you only need to obtain a Mt. Crested Butte Sales Tax License.
    2. If you are going to list your property on other sites such as VRBO, Flip Key, personal website, etc… then you will need to apply for a State of Colorado sales tax license.

                                 i.      You should be collecting 13.9% in Sales Tax from your guests.  Here is the breakdown for that number:

                                                5% - Town of Mt. Crested Butte

                                                2.9% - State of Colorado

                                                1% - Gunnison County

                                                1% - Special District RTA Tax

                                                4% - Local Marketing District Tax

  1. When you finally list your property for short term rental make sure you list your pillow tax ID number on all forms form advertisements, internet and print.

 If you have any questions please call Tiffany O’Connell at 970-349-6632 or send her an email at  She will be happy to help you out.




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