Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA)  was formed with the vision of  providing guidance for future development within the town, specifically, within the area designated as the Downtown area of Mt. Crested Butte.  The Authority consists of seven members which are appointed by Town Council. The term of an appointed member is two years with exception of the one Council member, their term runs concurrently with their respective term on Council.

The formation of this body of local business owners and/or residents focuses on growth within the base town area and to guide new development and building renovations to reflect designs and use that convey the heritage and traditions of the Crested Butte area. These uses are defined in The Land Use and Transportation Plan developed by the DDA and Town Council. This plan anticipates future growth of commercial and residential development within the town and identifies the need to implement a design and site standard for all development within this area.

In 2000, the DDA published the Downtown Development Authority Architectural and Site Design Standards which defines development standards for the zoning area designated under the jurisdiction of the DDA.

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