Town Manager

Joe Fitzpatrick, the Town Manager for Mt. Crested Butte, acts as the Chief Executive and Chief Administrator over all town affairs. This includes all town departments. Appointed by Town Council, the Town Manager is responsible for reporting these affairs to Town Council as outlined in the Town Charter. The Town Manager oversees the functions of town departments and ultimately, all town personnel.

The office of the Town Manager is critical to the town of Mt. Crested Butte's present and future role as a community. The role of this position helps to  lead the way to ensure a prosperous and sustainable town. The manager, along with many other community leaders, helps to ensure the same for the whole Gunnison Valley community by creating and maintaining healthy, community-based relationships that foster growth, cooperation, and longevity.
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The Town of Mt. Crested Butte does not discriminate. All employees and beneficiaries of Town programs and policies are treated equally without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation age or disability