Certificate of Occupany Checklist

The following  list may be utilized to check compliance prior to scheduling a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) Inspection with the Building Department.

In order for the Inspector to allow occupancy within the building all items must be complete and compliant with code:


  • The building must have an operational heat source which complies with the current mechanical code and which is installed per manufacturer's instructions. These instructions must be available on site for inspection.
  • This includes Hot Water Heating Devices and valves and venting related to the devices.  Appliance installation instructions must be available on site for inspection.
    • PRV Pipe extension
    • Catch Pan or floor drain
  • Hot and Cold water supply valves and fixtures in place and operational
  • Sink traps installed
  • Gas appliances connected and valves installed per code.
  • All appliances vented per manufacturer's installation instructions and/or per code.
  • State Final Inspection must be conducted and approval forwarded to the Building Department
  • Service panel cover
  • Switch & outlet plate covers
  • Fixtures in place or access covered
  • Exhaust fans operational and vented properly
Fireplaces & Stoves - Appliance installation instructions must be available onsite for inspection.
  • Flue placement and connections
  • Hearth Dimensions
  • Handrails installed and compliant with code
  • Guardrails installed and compliant with code
  • Smoke alarms hardwired and operational
  • Fire extinguisher placed per code (if applicable)
  • Alarm System test conducted and report provided.
Building Identification - Address and/or unit numbers must be placed and sized per code.

Final Certificate of Occupancy

Landscaping - Complete as per approved in Design Review

Improvement Location Certificate - Complete and on file with Town

Project Clean-Up

Exterior Finishes - Per approved Design Review

Additional Ammenities Complete Per Condition of Approval for Original Project
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