Design Review

Thank you for your interest in making application for Design Review Approval in the Town of Mt. Crested Butte. The following outlines the Design Review Process Requirements for New Construction within the town of Mt. Crested Butte.

All new construction and major alterations to existing construction are outlined and regulated by specifics in the Town Code.

Chapter 21, Zoning details the requirements for all zoning districts defined within the town and outlines the processes necessary to achieve alterations or exceptions to existing zoning districts.

This document addresses the Design Review Process for new construction which complies with existing district zoning. For additional information relating to zoning amendments, conditional use permits, annexation, or subdivision processes, please refer to the document which details the process you are interested in. Certain sub-divisions or zoning districts within town require design review by sub-division Homeowners Associations  and/or Governing Boards. Many areas require only review and approval by the Town Planning Commission.

The Official Mt. Crested Butte Zoning Map identifies all lots and area boundaries within a zoned subdivision or district.

Currently, the following subdivisions and/or districts have specific design guidelines and require a design review process and approval that is independent and in addition to the town process. This list is updated when changes occur within a zoning district or a new district is approved, however, it may not be all-inclusive and it is the applicant’s responsibility to secure accurate information on all review requirements:
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