Conditional Use Permits

Chapter 21 of the Mt. Crested Butte Town Code deals with Zoning. Zoning regulations are enacted for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the town and to promote the coordinated and harmonious development of the town in a manner that will conserve and enhance its natural environment and its established character as a resort and residential community of high quality.

Specific zoning district regulations are defined in Article III of Chapter 21. These include zones for single family housing, low density housing, high density housing, commercial, business, and so forth. For each of the districts specific uses and conditions are defined. These definitions serve the purpose of ensuring that each zoning district maintains a certain unique character. In addition, Conditional Uses are also defined for each zoning district. Please refer to the specific zoning district  to see if the Conditional Use you are considering may be open to review, evaluation, and consideration.

In order to allow a certain degree of flexibility to the definitions and regulations outlined in the Zoning definitions of the Town Code, Article VIII of Chapter 21 provides for the application and issuance of Conditional Use Permits within the zoning districts. Article VIII outlines the detailed process, which includes public hearing requirements, for granting Conditional Use Permits.

Briefly, Conditional Use Permit Applications must be submitted to the Zoning Administrator in the Community Development Department. There are specific requirements for application which are detailed in the above-referenced Article of the Town Code. In summary, the process includes public hearings before the Planning Commission, Recommendations or Findings submitted to Town Council for approval or denial of the application.  Please read Article VIII of Chapter 21 in its entirety before applying for a Conditional Use Permit.

If you have general questions regarding the process after you have reviewed the Town Code, please contact any staff member in the Community Development Department.  If you have questions regarding the public hearing process, review Chapter 2, Article V of the Town Code which addresses public hearing requirements or contact the Town Clerk
The Base Fee for a Conditional Use Permit is $500.00

*Please note: The Base Fee represents the average time for review of applications. Applicant will be charged an additional fee for all direct costs incurred by the Town exceeding the Base Fee. Such additional costs shall be paid prior to final action on the application by the Town.
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