Frequently Asked Questions


 How can I confirm the zoning on a particular tract or parcel?

The Town's Official Comprehensive Zoning Map is published on this website.

 How do I determine the setback requirements for a particular tract or parcel?

Setbacks are found in the Zoning Code and are defined according to each particular zoning district. Further, setbacks are based on height of the existing or proposed structure.

 How do I get a permit to build a house?

This is a two-step process:
  1. Submit plans to the Community Development Department in order to obtain approval of the zoning and design aspects from the Mt. Crested Butte Planning Commission.

  2. Prepare construction plans in compliance with the building code and have them approved by department staff. Visit the Community Development Department sectionn this site for step-by-step instructions and related links.

 How do I proceed with an excavation within the town?

The procedure is to acquire a permit from the department, which includes posting a bond.  The amount of the bond is based on the cubic yardage to be excavated.  Additional fees shall be required for any excavation in a public road.  Pavement cuts shall be filled with controlled density flowable fill.

 How is building height calculated in the Town of Mt. Crested Butte?

Height is a function of the average existing grade at the base of the structure subtracted from the highest component of the roof.
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