How to Apply for a Building Permit

The following are detailed step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order to obtain a building permit in the Town of Mt. Crested Butte.

Once you have received Design Review approval from the Planning Commission, and prior to being able to apply for a building permit, you must meet two prerequisites:

1. Submit complete construction or engineering drawings and documents to the Community Development Department
  • The construction plans must receive an engineering and code review before an application for a building permit can be processed.
  • Once town staff receives your plans, the timeline for the engineering/code review process will depend on the currently existing backlog of reviews already in-house.
  • Community Development personnel can only give you a general indication of this timeframe and this can only be determined at the time you submit complete construction drawings, not before.
  • Once an initial review is complete, if revisions are required, then the process could be slightly longer. An additional review of the revisions will be required. Always refer to the town building code requirements to ensure that your construction project will meet the currently enforced building code regulations.

2. After construction document approval the applicant must make an official application for a water and sewer tap with the Mt. Crested Butte Water and Sanitation District
  • The Water and Sanitation District is a separate service entity and is not located in or operated by the town offices.You may contact the Mt. Crested Butte Water & Sanitation Districtat 349.7575 to inquire about the requirements for a tap application.
  • Once you pay your tap fee with the Water and Sanitation District, and you have received approval on your construction drawings, call the Community Development Department to set an appointment to pull a building permit.


Not all remodel projects require Planning Commission Design Review. In addition, small retrofit projects may not require a building permit. Some guidelines are as follows:
  • If the project includes any alterations to electrical or plumbing, a building permit is required.
  • Cosmetic retrofits such as new cabinets, flooring, painting, replacement of existing windows, etc. do not require a building permit.
  • If you are altering the exterior of a house or building your project may require Planning Commission Design Review.

Please contact Building Department staff to confirm what is required for your particular scope of work.

Building Application Fee Schedule

Building Permit Application

Interior Remodel Permit Policy


Please contact the Mt. Crested Butte Community Development Department to schedule an inspection. The department requires a minimum days notice in order to schedule an inspection.  At the time you are issued a building permit, you will be informed of the required inspections. 

Note: It is the responsibility of the Contractor or Builder to ensure that all required inspections are scheduled and completed.

Construction Management

Please review the Mt. Crested Butte Construction Rules and Regulations. At the time you are issued a building permit, you will be given a copy of this document and asked to agree to the terms of the rules and regulations. You will be responsible for complying with the regulations in order to keep your building permit.

Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy

We have provided a checklist for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Prior to scheduling an appointment for a TCO inspection, please review this document to ensure you have complied with all the required elements.
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