Noxious Weed Information

Noxious weeds are identified as invasive and alien to their natural surrounding. In Colorado, the management and control of noxious weeds was mandated by state statue in 1997. This statue identifies weeds that are of particular threat to Colorado for various reasons.  Some weeds threaten ranching in Colorado because they invade and replace native grasses on which cattle or other animals usually graze. Some noxious weeds are poisonous to grazing domestic ranch animals.  Other noxious weeds threaten the natural balance of beauty in Colorado wild lands by invading and taking over native fields of wildflowers and other native plants.

The Upper Gunnison Valley is renowned for the native wildflowers found in its meadows and mountains. The Crested Butte area has been designated the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado”. Beyond this, we are poised at the "top of the river" - everything flows downhill from here.  Because of our unique location we hold the responsibility for being environmentally aware that everything we do will likely have consequences elsewhere on Earth.

We, as citizens and stewards of this beautiful part of Colorado, have a responsibility, mandated or not, to work together to preserve or restore the paradise in which we are fortunate enough to reside. The most prominent noxious weeds we see in Mt Crested Butte are:

Scentless Chamomile, Oxeye Daisy, Yellow Toadflax, Yellow Sweet Clover, and Western Salsify.

The noxious weed pages on this web site are dedicated to that purpose and effort.  The Town staff of Mt. Crested Butte are dedicated to working with both local and regional groups to provide services; disseminate useful information; develop, implement,  and enforce meaningful local ordinances that comply with state mandated management of these invasive plants. 

A few efforts toward this end already in motion are:

  • Researching, identifying, and disseminating accurate information on existing local noxious weeds.
  • Devoting staff resources to initialize a management plan on town-owned lands
  • Providing information to the public on the most effective management and eradication methods for each type of weed.
  • Implementing & enforcing reclamation and revegetation requirements when land is disturbed in order to prevent new infestations.
  • A free herbicide weed sprayer loaner program. Contact Town Hall for more information (970) 349-6632
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